Are you ready to create lasting change?


To live your hopes and aspirations and your dreams?

A Passion for Life is four empowering one hours that will help listeners enrich and improve the quality of their lives with profoundly moving insights into conscious living, aging, dying and what it takes to achieve authentic success.


Chiat Day (Apple’s Think Different Campaign) in its vanguard study on Mega-trends in America, cited Spirituality, and chose the Quest - A Passion for Life as the best product in the U.S. marketplace.


Featuring the cultural Icons of our times: Ram Dass, Elizabeth Kubler- Ross, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Thomas Moore, Stephen Levine, Jean Houston, Sir John Templeton, Marianne Williamson et al.



Life skills to living in a more conscious, mindful and empowered life. Powerful inspiration to renew our outlook,  and examine our priorities. A springboard for recreating ourselves for a happier, more productive life.


Featuring: Richard Carlson, Stephen Covey, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Thomas Moore, Wayne Muller, and Marianne Williamson.



How can we age graciously and develop a more eternal inner youth? Explore attitude, beliefs and how to make a major perception changes in how you see yourself so you can transition to a life you can be truly proud to have lived.


Featuring: Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Ondrea and Stephen Levine, Thomas Moore, and Caroline Myss.



Life consists of both sides of the coin, the desired and the dreaded, and we must learn to build our strength. Healing, forgiveness and compassion. Being with the dying and grieving. Find the road back to living with joy.


Featuring: Joan Borysenko, Ram Dass, Sam Keen, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Ondrea and Stephen Levine, Thomas Moore, Wayne Muller, John O’Donohue, and Judith Orloff.



This is about spiritual maturity, to arrive at a healthy definition of real success in how we relate to ourselves and  others.  Learn to break through negative patterns, move from fear to love and achieve a life of fulfillment and authentic power.


Featuring: Sarah Ban Breathnach, Richard Carlson, Jean Houston, Sam Keen, Thomas Moore, Wayne Muller, John O’Donohue, Judith Orloff, and Sir John Templeton.

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