Lili Fournier has learned a thing or two about risk and adversity and what it takes to achieve big goals, spending decades setting and achieving one major break-through after another and rising to the top of her field in several successful careers including Television, Film, Real Estate, as a Lifestyle Columnist and in her retail enterprises. As a child she experienced man’s inhumanity to man first hand, when her parents fled a communist regime, to be immigrants twice over in new lands faced with discrimination and intolerance. She produced the TV production of the historic By My Spirit concert, featuring Placido Domingo and the Israel Philharmonic with Zubin Mehta, in the presence of Queen Sofia on the hilltop fortress in Toledo in 1992 for Spain’s Quincentenario, a tribute to peace and co-existence, everything she cares about.


Regardless of the challenges she faced in finally achieving the level of success with the Quest on PBS, she found herself chasing yet another flame. She risked it all once again. She was driven to share her passion and vision to produce the Women’s Day Live multi-venue Global Benefit concerts (Live Aid Women) to galvanize an unprecedented global gathering of women on International Women’s Day, to ignite a unified global movement to champion the tremendous potential of women and girls. World nations have pledged bold actions for equality.


Lili saw that what was needed was to create a Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign, to build a sustainable fund-raising model every year which would help accelerate the equality and the education of women and girls. Current funding is vastly inadequate, with women and girls only getting 7% of philanthropic funds. She circled the globe on this mission. She said she’s been so passionately committed to this cause for so many years, that she heard herself say that she should be committed.




Lili vows to never ever give up on this dream till it happens. Everyone said it’s impossible. She believes the impossible just takes a little longer.


Who would have dreamt that Mr. T. would be the one to galvanize the people the world over and the world's women into visible action more than any other single person! The recent marches were massive and are the beginning of a significant movement of women rising. Women have vote power and dollar power and are now awakening to their collective power.


Lili and her partners are now in development to produce “Women’s Day Live Ignite – the Women of the World in One Day, a digital documentary that will give voice to women worldwide. Women’s Day Live Patron Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu has invited women and men to gather in every city and town around the world to celebrate women’s progress on International Women’s Day 2018. This crowd-sourced documentary featuring women’s stories from around the world over 24 hours will show the world the personal face of women’s triumphs and struggles, and vividly demonstrate the enormous well of female creativity, clearly the world’s most potent and powerful human resource, waiting to be tapped.


On March 10, 2018, women’s voices will ring out around the world to herald in new vision of hope for humanity. Join the Love Revolution.

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